Benchmarking in Sweden 2014 - SKANSKA Supplier

Date: year 2014

NORSBORG metro station and FREDRIKSDAL bus depot

Strengths of the project:

  • Acceptance of Directive 92/57 / EEC of 1994 and its implementation
  • Significantly higher awareness of all workers on occupational safety and efforts to engage everyone in safety management
  • Regular daily, weekly and monthly training
  • Trouble-free processing of high-quality PPE
  • A noticeable visualization of OSH information
  • Key support and positive approach to OSH management
  • Functionality of supporting staff representatives “Green helmets”
  • Exact identification of the persons on the construction site.

The preparatory phase of BAS – U:

  • (coordinator documentation ) risk assessment, documentation and process evaluation,
  • processing of documentation and procedures, eg. safety plan

Implementation phase of the BAS-P project:

  • (safety coordinator) production – construction
  • enforcement of OSH standards
  • control of suppliers’ capabilities
  • risk assesment tools – continue rating
  • BBS pilot project (safety – based behavior)
  • Stage Plans / Visual Planning
  • Safety circuit once a week with the participation of each block
  • Safety workflows are linked to the organization of work