Labor Inspectorate launches ''Work legally - Work safely'' campaign this year

The National Labor Inspectorate within the Work legally – Work safely campaign plans to address a wide range of employers, employees, but also self-employed workers.

Bratislava, December 30 (TASR) – National Labor Inspectorate launches in 2020 the first-ever campaign to prevent “Work Legal – Work Safe”. The spokesman of the Inspectorate Ladislav Kerekeš informed about it.

The campaign aims to help prevent accidents and life-threatening health and safety events in the workplace in the field of health and safety at work, while on labor relations, labor inspection focuses primarily on preventing undeclared employment and combating undeclared work.

“The use of illegal workers and undeclared work is an international phenomenon involving domestic and foreign employers. This problem is becoming increasingly relevant in the Slovak conditions also in connection with the increase in the number of employees from countries outside the EU coming to our labor market. We must all be aware that companies employing illegal workers are distorting the business environment. They gain disproportionate competitive advantages and cause damage not only to companies operating in the same sector legally but also to the whole company. Therefore, the fight against undeclared work has become one of the European Union’s priorities,” said Karol Habina, Director General of the National Labor Inspectorate.

“But it is equally important for us to continue building a safety culture for employers and creating healthy workplaces for all employees. We strive to continue contributing to the reduction of accidents at work and occupational diseases. It is indisputable that investing in health and safety at the workplace for the benefit of employees ultimately also benefits employers themselves,” Habina recalled.

Labor inspectors will disseminate the ideas and promotional materials related to the campaign at professional conferences and seminars, which the NIP has provided for, and in addition, the National Labor Inspectorate will organize its own free seminars and other awareness-raising activities throughout the year. Many of these events will be carried out in cooperation with employers ‘unions and associations, but also with workers’ representatives through trade unions.

Kerekeš added that all current information about the campaign will be published regularly next year through the Labor Inspection website and the @inspekciapracesr profile on the Facebook social network.