Napo Video - Working in a dusty environment

Napo is the hero of a series of animated films aimed at raising awareness of health and safety in the workplace. These films are an ideal way to disseminate the basic health and safety (OSH) principles in an engaging and informal way. All the movies in this series are spoken, so everyone understands them.

Napa’s film discusses several aspects of OSH in the context of an aging workforce by showing how they can affect and respond to an employee. As in all films in this series, Napo helps identify risks and offers practical solutions and suggestions for improvement.

Dust is a potential problem in the workplace in two different but important ways: respiratory problems and dust explosions. The harmful effects of dust can vary from skin irritation to lung cancer depending on the composition of the dust and the type and degree of exposure.

“Napo in… a dusty environment” illustrates some of the many situations and substances that create dust and stresses the importance of controlling dust exposure at work.