Seminar 14.2.2014 in Brno

 Civic Association The Common Vision organized the fourth expert meeting, where the Chairman of the Association Ing. Ján Donič presented the key points that were discussed in the Common Vision for the past year 2013. It was mainly about the coordination of OSH.

  1. Qualification and training of coordinators (options of MoLSAFR SR or ME SR)
  2. Applying “restraint” in the construction of buildings to ensure the technical and organizational requirements of OSH
    For the Common Vision, the Chairman Ing. Jan Donič, who presented a report on the activities of the Common Vision in Slovakia and outlined the association’s plans by 2014, the main goal is the organization of the International Conference INCOBOZ 2014 ( in Bojnice.

Representatives of the goverment institutions of the Czech Republic Judr. Anna Samková from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, Ing. Zdeněk Neset from the Czech Labor Inspectorate, Ing. Jindřich Pater of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction participated and presented.

Representatives of commercial companies have also been present and approached the issues of their business activities. For example, RNDr. Jan Raab from PreventCom has introduced the “Efficient Construction” project for Apple TV’s iPad. For BOZPO, s.r.o. Prievidza on the topic of work health service delivered a lecture by PhDr. Iveta Krajčovičová.

After the General Assembly, the sporting afternoon was followed by bowling, tennis and fitness disciplines. The organizers prepared costume party which was a nice end of the day.