England 7.3.-8.3.2014 General Assembly of ISHCCO

On 7.3. – 8.3.2014 BOZPO participated in the ISHCCO (International Safety and Health Construction Co-ordinators Organisation) general assembly.

7.3.2014 – the first day of the general assembly

At the meeting were discussed issues related to the ISHCCO Statute and the election of members to the Association committees. In addition, proposals have been presented to improve the functioning of ISHCCO, to which each member has to express his opinion after receiving the minutes.

The program:
– Opening
– activity report for 2013
– The ISHCCO president’s report
– Draft Budget 2014

8.3.2014 – second day of the general assembly

At the meeting were presented reports on the functioning of national associations, the presentation of a new sponsor – DOKA, and reports on the work of the individual ISHCCO working groups.

– Closing of the General Assembly.

In addition to the General Assembly, we had a meeting with representatives of DOKA who were participants of the General Assembly.
In addition, we invited the ISHCCO leadership to the International Occupational Safety and Health Conference “Safe Workplace” which we organize on 21-23.5.2014 in Bojnice.